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Hey! My name is Briar. I’m a qualified Graphic Designer with a side love for photography and film making. You will find me in the beautiful Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

I'd like to explain my work as very organic and free-flowing. Every job and outcome is widely different with my own shift in perspective, so I can assure you that your content will be wonderfully unique and reflect your company’s values and aesthetic. I offer photography and film services in a range of avenues such as weddings, maternity and promotional content for local businesses. However, I’m always up for new creative challenges as I love to indulge in new experiences!




A lover of natural light and warm tones.

There are a lot of important factors that go into creating the best possible outcome of a photograph…

One being the right variation in aesthetic as this is crucial to capturing the moment just right. The colours develop a sense of harmony in the photograph dependant on how you execute them. I personally prefer to avoid artificial light outdoors where I can and trust that the sun will play its part correctly.

Two being the rawness of the subject in the photograph. The most valuable moment in my eye is the unexpected, other known as a “candid photo”. I will always inform my client that if they don’t feel naturally relaxed, their photograph will not look that way either! So my job is not only to capture the perfect moment, but to also create the perfect environment for the client.

Three being the relationship I build with the individual, family or business owner. I have had the most valuable feedback in regards to how comfortable I make my clients and friends feel during a photographic or filming experience. I will always provide direction with a side of humour when shooting on site with others as I live for the experience and connections myself!



I shoot with a Sony Alpha Mark iii which is ultimately known as a hybrid camera. This camera can not only shoot a great photograph, but also capture moving image at 100 frames per second in 1080 HD which means that I can slow down my footage by roughly 70% which you will see a lot of in my films.